Kooking adventures

by saynotospandex

I am really getting into the swing of things these days.

Bought a non stick frying pan the other day & the next thing I knew, I was holding a wooden spatula in the line and waiting to make payment.

I call these my “kommitments” to my kooking adventures.

I think it all started one day when I was reading Karen C’s blog on her simple seafood paella dish – loved how everything looked so minimally simple and delicious.

The next thing I knew, I dragged C my colleague out for lunch one day, with the hope of getting his help when I did my ingredients shopping. We realized I wouldn’t be able to manage paella as I didn’t have a flat pan to achieve the burnt bottom which paella was so good for.

And we decided risotto would have to work for my 1st adventure.

It turned out to be quite a disaster, because I was never much good in the kitchen. I’m the sort who watches TV until Mom calls me for dinner & never ever lifted a finger to help in the kitchen. The fish was not quite cooked & I had to redo it, after burning the bottom of my Mom’s wok.

Luckily for me, the four cheese risotto (instant, may I add) turned out decent. The risotto was already pre-flavoured and it didn’t go wrong (thank God). Added some cod fish & baby prawns to it, together with chicken stock and a quick squeeze of lime.

Attempting risotto again soon, this time from scratch/raw arborio rice. Stay tuned for my next adventure.