How to kill a Sunday

by saynotospandex

Had some sort of a wonderful Sunday today.

Woke up at 10 plus with the intention to cook prawn aglio olio only to end up at Jianz’s place reading today’s papers, taking rainy afternoon naps & indulging in his mom’s homecooked lunch… What a perfect way to kill a Sunday.

We headed out in the evening to 313 for some shopping escalator-taking. Explorations of new malls with my bf means we take the escalator up from 1F to the top, and then come back down to 1F, level by level. He said I should apply for 313’s security agency since I liked to patrol on every level…..!!

After much persuasion (like a kid asking for cotton candy at a fun fair), we walked into Uniqlo (only to have him say “The Giordanos & Bossinis must be quivering when Uniqlo came”) & Billabong where he saw the most wondefully relaxed cutoff denims.

I’m not sure if the above sounded like fun even, but the fact remains that it was the exact way we would spend it if we did it all over again; gloriously basking in each other’s company like old friends.