Flipping adventures

by saynotospandex

For reasons unfathomable to me, I feel compelled to write about the books in my life these days. There are women who talk about different men in their lives; for me, it’s books.

I’ve been reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert these days; a book about how she struggles and discovers the meaning of marriage across different cultures and for different people.

It’s quite uncanny really how her books always have this part that I can relate to. I was reading Eat Love Pray in Bali, which happens to be one of the 3 places she sought truths in. In Committed, she was backpacking across Asia and visited the Hmong tribe – indigenous people of Vietnam. I read the book right after my Vietnam backpacking trip and the last part of trip saw me at Sapa amongst the Hmong women (who kept peddling every single thing they made).

The other book I’m reading is Jude the Obscure. This is something I read while waiting in the line or sitting in the car waiting for my dinner date to show up (like now) because it’s a ebook. Did I mention how much I love ebooks? They weigh nothing and bring great company!

A book I bought recently is Superfreakonomics. I loved Freakonomics – every page of that crazy book of quirky associations, especially because I used to enjoy economics. In fact I had once contemplated majoring in Economics over Business a long time ago.

After a long day at work, I find it very reassuring to sit on my bed and read. It calms my soul in a way, almost like yoga.