Feeling brand new

by saynotospandex

Agni session today was ggggoood! I never walk away from each class feeling awful, ever!

One full set of mainly lower body poses which worked my back and hamstring so much I was trembling.

I can really feel my body getting stronger after each session. I was doing alot of Agni sessions in February and remember my legs shaking during each pose; today’s session felt relatively easy and I could feel my limits being pushed.

Its a wonderful feeling to know that you used to be able to reach your ankles and now, the toes.

There were some newbies in today’s class and while bent over in one of the poses, I saw the woman & man behind me trying so hard to touch their toes/keep their knees straight & failing terribly. I know it’s so easy to be judgmental; but I really wonder why there are people out there who take their health for granted. I’m not some super athlete (I used to be really active in school) but I think getting some stretches and keeping our bodies young is the least we can do when we are holding busy day jobs.

I really liked what Yvette said the other day “Wealth is something that can be easily taken away from you, but no one can take your health away if you decide to keep it.”

I wished I am disciplined enough to put in some runs and swims but have lost the momentum since bro moved out and I’ve stopped swim training altogether. Now, it’s just the weekly squash sessions and the whimsical Sunday afternoon swim thoughts (I hope my thought becomes a action this Sunday).

The schedule for April is out – Ananda (my favourite class) on Wednesdays!