Smoked salmon and bacon sandwich

by saynotospandex

I read Jamie Oliver’s and was inspired enough to whip up something in the kitchen over the weekend. This is a really simple dish to make and time-saving; I would make this often except that it’s really unhealthy with all the preservatives in the bacon & smoked salmon.

Smoked Salmon & Bacon on Ciabatta bread


Smoked salmon

Streaky bacon strips

Romano cheese

Baby spinach leaves

1 whole lemon

Olive oil

Ground black pepper

Honey mustard


1. Fry the bacon one strip at a time. Once done, sprinkle romano cheese bits over so it melts under the heat.

2. Slice the smoked salmon & marinate with honey mustard, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon.

3. Butter the bread – or you may substitute with sandwich dressing or mayo + honey mustard like I did.

4. Add olive oil, lots of pepper, honey mustard, honey, and generous squeeze of lemon. Whisk well & toss with greens.

5. Put together the salmon, bacon & leaves on the bread & enjoy!

I really loved the salad dressing & made spinach + baby portobello + smoked salmon salad the next day. The same steps, except I sauteed garlic with butter before throwing in the mushrooms. Yums!