Things that matter

by saynotospandex

If there’s one thing I like to do on my birthdays – its going to fancy restaurants for dinner. To me, birthdays equate pampering myself – luxurious brunch, divine spa, & fancy restaurants – you get the idea.

For my birthday last year, the boyfriend brought me to Il Lido’s because he knew I had been wanting to go there for quite a while now.

On Sunday, we celebrated the boyfriend’s 28th birthday. And it made me see how different men & women are; and that the things we want are largely different.

It was a really quiet affair because the birthday falls right in the middle of his 3-week camp. He was really exhausted from all the early mornings and wasn’t really in the right mood for a noisy celebration.

We had no idea where to go – he was really happy eating anywhere but I had suggested Morton’s because we are both steak lovers and I wanted us to indulge in overpriced steak on his birthday.

Because the man was shabbily dressed in his trademark cutoff berms, we striked Morton’s off the list and ended up at – Astons! If there is a place that was just the extreme of Morton’s, it was definitely Astons. The place serves budget steaks (delicious though may I add) in a casual and relaxed environment. Prices go as low as $11 for a slab of steak and there were screaming kids everywhere.

But you know what? I had lots of fun there. Lots of funny conversation with him (we were pretending to be at Morton’s -“How do you like your water mdm, sparkling or still?”) & just being my our silly selves. I wouldn’t know how our date would turn out had we went to Morton’s – I’d imagined we’d be having one of those hushed conversations, and trying to be all proper and worldly. I’d imagined the food might be tonnes better at Morton’s too, but I guess I’d gladly trade off the shamefully expensive steaks over a funny & hearty conversation with the boyfriend any time.