iRead a lot.

by saynotospandex

I’ve been reading and reading non stop these days.

Tweets around the world about news, travel, celebrities, random people who sometimes I really wonder why I bother reading. Noone’s interested in what you had for lunch, really.

Ebooks are what I spend most of my time on though. Finished Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold) recently as I wanted to read it again before watching the film. Read A Walk To Remember (Nicholas Sparks) too, and Dear John after watching the film. I would have liked to catch A Walk though, only because the book didn’t seem that great. Dear John is way better. I have many other books waiting for me – Percy Jackson, Twilight series, Freaknomics (re-read), PS I love you…

Currently reading Have A Little Faith (Mitch Albom) and believing it will change my life, for good.