What makes you fat

by saynotospandex

I am compiling a spreadsheet detailing where one can get fabulous dim sum, french toast, instant noodles in Hong Kong — broken down by geographical area.

It’s making my eyes hurt, going through rows and rows of information on this website. But I highly recommend that you take a look if you’re as big a foodie as me! For those brave enough to take on written Cantonese, this version has much more reviews.

I’ve been to Hong Kong four times now but I still discover new eating places. Good food is ubiquitous in Hong Kong – you just have to know where to look. From hole in the wall type of establishment to dingy one-man shops in dark basements – they all have two things in common. The place is as dirty as the food is good. I would love to recount the story of the 100 year-old apron I saw on a chef but noone needs to know, really.

Love (for good food) & bravery (for toilet runs) will tide us through.