Boost me up Sasa!

by saynotospandex

I have officially just stocked up my arsenal of skincare products for the year.

Bought tons of skincare products (aqua night creme, purifying day lotion, moisture boost complex — heehee I love all these names!), eye care products (been staring at the mirror trying to look for additional lines that appear), and boxes of collagen drinks. I think the collagen drinks weigh at least 5kg – gawd!!

Hadatuko 10 000mg Marine Collagen Drink (each bottle 50ml) is enriched with 10000mg of highly-concentrated marine collagen. Deposited into tiny molecules, it could be fully consumed by human body. Moreover, the composition of N-Acetyl Glucosamine and Elastin builds up a moisture barrier to maintain supple and elastic skin.
Blended with multiple beauty ingredients, it helps promote better protein synthesis and absorption. In addition, it prevents moisture loss and accumulation of melanin, leaving skin perfect like a baby.

The only reason why I would drag this across borders is because of the shining reviews that many have written – the overall rating is 5 stars!

Read more here.

And there’s so many more products I’m wanting to try here but I can’t squeeze anything else into my luggage – liquids are so heavy!