by saynotospandex

I cannot believe that I’ve only eaten dessert once for the past few days in HK.

And that I have only stepped into H&M twice, and coincidentally, that was the only shopping I got done in HK.

This trip to HK with the Boyfriend is really proving to be a very strange different one.

When it comes to food, that man is really hard to please but once he finds a favourite, he makes sure we go back again- we’ve been to Tim Ho Wan twice (yes, Michelin-starred chef but twice?!?), and have eaten at his favourite claypot rice thrice.


But having said all that, I must admit that times with the Boyfriend are still very magical. We bicker alot (oei why you step onto the bed when your feet is wet??!/why do you leave your things lying all around??!why is your wet towel beside my cardigan!!!) & in fact, not a day goes by without us disagreeing on something; be it the food we eat or the places to go to.  But the best thing out of it all is realizing that I do want to spend good & bad times with this chap forever.

Just the fact that there’s someone out there whom I can rely on for massages when I get knots in my shoulder/who will gladly give up his jacket for me when its cold – that’s really priceless! Finding the perfect ballet flats/tiger shirt in H&M comes close!

PS: Tiger shirt count: 4!