Whoever invented four-wheel luggages is a genius!

by saynotospandex

More updates to come later.

Had 4 hours of sleep last night before I was awakened by my bro who’d bought onion prata for me!

5 things I miss most when I travel

1. Clean bed & my soft comforter with the carebears & “corgi” soft toy – nothing I love more than coming home to my own bed

2. Showering in my own bathroom (even if its not a rainshower) – no more laying out my small travel bottles along narrow ledges in foreign bathrooms

3. My brothers – who else would wake up to help me with the luggage at 5am & buy my favourite onion pratas for me in the morning??!

4. Data plan – free wifi is not that common in HK & Shenzhen and we were trying to get whatever bit of free wifi in order to play World War (the BF & I were always finding excuses to go back to our hotel room as it had wifi so we could play)

5. Tv – I really miss being able to watch Tv especially when the hotel room has crappy cable