Racecourse excitement @ Happy Valley

by saynotospandex

We went to one of Hong Kong’s most famous race course @ Happy Valley on one night after raiding H&M.

It was a fantastic experience – from figuring out how to place bets, to watching the races right in front of us before the railings, to cheering loudly for the horses we betted on!

The horses were really majestic looking. Black shiny mane & muscular legs – they looked absolutely handsome!

Races are on every Wednesdays & Saturdays. We started the first race clueless & no doubt, ended not winning anything. Subsequent races were better once we got the hang of figuring out what stats to look out for – the horses’ trackwork performance, % of winning, and whether it has won in a similar race before. The jockey plays a part too as they were ranked according to the total number of races won as well. There really is no trick to guessing accurately which horse would win, as we’ve seen hot favourites not placing & completely unknown horses take 1st placing as well. Although I’m sure the hardcores would tell you there is one, as we saw many scribbling & circling the newspapers in what seems to be complex algorithm & formulas.

We were up even for a while but lost all our money away towards the last race where we put all our money on the hot favourites who didn’t win! But it was a fabulous experience & one I didn’t regret going.

I was telling the Boyfriend how good the horses looked, imagine being fed & well-taken care of… when he said, their lives are even better after retirement, they are paid to have sex breed with other horses in order to rear champion horses!

Did some research on horse racing – apparently a very dangerous sport for both the jockeys & horses. A promising lady jockey Willy Kan died in Hong Kong – read more here.