My McCrispy

by saynotospandex

This was one of the places I had to go to when I was in Hong Kong.

Because I had heard so much about this little crispy bun (also known as “cui4 cui4” or McCrispy as I like to call it) which everyone was raving about on Openrice.

Simply put, it’s a little bun toasted until (very) crispy & then coated with different types of toppings. I’d ordered the butter one & it came with butter. melted sugar, & condensed milk. I know it probably sounds ordinary or just another typical toast, but when I sank my teeth in I was completely won over. The bread was flaky & crispy, and combined with the sweet sticky condensed milk – I knew I had a winner!

This little humble bun is their bestseller. You can see every table ordering this & I spied at least 6 toasters when I was exploring the shop.

I loved it so much I ate 3 at a go & wanted to takeaway some more if the Boyfriend hadn’t stopped me. I wished I didn’t listen to him because I miss McCrispy now…

McCrispy can be found at:


Address: 2 Mei Lun Street, Central / 中環美輪街2號排 檔

Don’t be surprised when you don’t see any shopfront or signboard – it’s a little canvas tent that looks like it’s survived multiple typhoons.

PS: Check out the cat lazing on top of the canvas!

PSS: There’s a famous beef noodle shop opposite – we didn’t have any more tummy space to try that (too much McCrispy)