One of those amazing stories

by saynotospandex

We were at the airport check-in counter last Saturday night. Out of reasons unknown to us, we’d only purchase ONE check-in luggage.

The night before, we were trying to cram all our liquids into that one luggage which we could check in – which was alot, as I had gleefully bought 6×10 glass bottles of collagen drinks from Sasa days ago. The boyfriend & I both knew that the bag was very heavy and we’d probably have to pay for the excess baggage charges.

Staff at check-in counter weighs our luggage. Machine shows 23 kg.

Staff: Sir, you’d need to pay for excess baggage as you’re only allowed 15kg.

Me: *fervently scratching my fingers* (because we don’t have much RMB left)

The Boyfriend: How much would it cost?

Staff: $152 RMB

Me: Is there no way you could help us?

Staff: No I’m afraid not as your excess weight is quite heavy.

the Boyfriend: Can we pay by HKD instead? (Boyfriend is making Plan B in case our RMB is not enough)

Staff: Yes, please check with the cashier when you make payment.

Me to the Boyfriend: *takes out travel wallet & starts pulling out notes* I don’t have much RMB left you know… How about you? And you asked the Driver to keep the change just now!!!

the Boyfriend: Let me see, I have about $86RMB. You?

Me: I don’t think I have much, $50 plus maybe?

the Boyfriend starts counting my notes… $10, $20, $32, …… You have $66

Me: How? Do we have enough? How much is it in total? *starts doing tremendously slow mental calculations*

the Boyfriend: WE HAVE $152 EXACTLY!!!

At this point in time, we hugged each other & broke out into a quirky little elves’ dance in front of the counter — just kidding. We just felt speechless & extremely thankful to the Big Boss up there.

It was probably out of sheer coincidence but I always feel 100% amazed when such things happen. From sheer panic & helplessness to having the exact amount in our hands.