Ladyfingers make my head itch

by saynotospandex

Had dinner with Angeline & Chong recently.

It was one of those great dinner conversations which by now, I can barely remember what we spoke about. But I will always remember with great clarity how much honesty, and humor we had around that table (while trying to order a million skewers).

And I realized it’s been a long time now since I’ve had those conversations. You know, the sort where you laugh heartily & your eyes beam with happiness and sincerity. There & then, I wished I had a video camera in my mind to capture the essence of those moments as it happened.

Moments come & go, but there will always be some that I wished I could make them stay forever.

Angeline is my biggest best friend in my university days. Not a day goes by without me sharing all my thoughts & worries with her back when we were in school. Accounting tutorials or boyfriend problems, Angeline was always there to offer her ear & infinite patience to me. Looking back, I feel very blessed that someone as generous as her exists. She was always willing to help me out, whether to look through though my messy tutorials to spot my careless mistake (missing zeros!) or to offer advice when I am going through rough periods with the Boyfriend. Friends like her are gems – I’d never know how to get through if not for her!

Ever since she’s based in Hong Kong, we’ve been sending each other 500 word emails once or twice a week. These emails are what I look forward to each time I check my inbox; chicken soup for the soul but in a gmail inbox.

Chong is someone whom I would like to call my only platonic friend (although I doubt he would agree with me on this) and I’d met him in hall. Coincidentally, he is also the Boyfriend’s oldest friend & I also like to think of him as one of the factors that made knowing the Boyfriend possible. I remember us doodling on the slippers he’d bought for the Boyfriend one night in hall & placing it in his unlocked dorm room to surprise him.  That was back when I hardly knew the Boyfriend.

I will always remember a conversation I had with Chong. As with all relationships, the line between each becomes thinner as they overlap and I’d wanted to know if he would still be my friend even when I’m no longer dating the Boyfriend.

“Will we still be friends even if I’m no longer Jianz’s girlfriend? Or would we cease becoming friends altogether?”

We agreed that we would always be friends because I’m his friend first, and Jianz’s girlfriend 2nd as far as we’re both concerned. I’m not sure why, but I can still remember that conversation vividly until today.

He stays 2 blocks away from the Boyfriend and we sometimes have lunch together (if his mom is not cooking salmon) or watching cable TV/playing with Easy at his house. I feel safe in knowing that I can count on him when I’m stranded at the Boyfriend’s place with nothing to do.

Recently we’ve been having conversations about religion & I find it very comforting that there’s someone I can talk to when I need when it comes to topics like a relationship with God. There’s not many people who I can think of when I want to discuss such topics & I’m really grateful that “Pastor Ng” is someone I can go to.