A typical morning

by saynotospandex

People who know me very well would know I am a woman of routine. Routines help take the guesswork out of my life.

0800: alarm rings / press snooze button

If I ever have any weakness, it would be waking up early. I would sit up & then roll back comfortably into bed again.

0820: drags myself out of bed/ drink my first glass of water / wash up

Always have to start my day by gulping down a huge glass of water!

0830: prep face for work (sunscreen + makeup) / get dressed / drink oat milk + bring breakfast along

After close to 3 years of putting makeup in the morning, I think I have since mastered the art of prepping my face in 10 minutes. I like fuss-free, quick beauty solutions – mascaras & fake eyelashes are no-no! When I am running really late, I would at least put on some concealer & eyeliner.

0840: leave the house / drive to work

I hate to admit this but I am a terrible driver on most mornings. I drive really fast & don’t have much patience in the mornings because I’m often running late.

0900-0910: reach office carpark

Reach office, switch on my laptop, clean & fill my flask, pop in a kelp pill & start my work day!