When the Boyfriend pisses me off…

by saynotospandex

I pay someone to kill General Patton him in World War.

We are both playing this app-game & have been accumulating money, building income-generating facilities, defense buildings. It’s kind of crazy – every chance we get at going back to our hotel room (“Oh! I forgot to take my sweater!”) we immediately start the app & start vaulting our monies or building facilities. It’s quite a decent game, you launch battles, rob money, etc.

I used to poke fun at how he’s always hooked on this game; he would be playing at red lights, or before he goes to sleep.

And now, I am doing the exact same thing. Yesterday, I borrowed my bro’s calculator to calculate if it was more worth it to buy a Bunker (defense +3) for $123,000 or a Guard Tower (defense +10) for $700,000. If you think this is insane, the Boyfriend has a excel sheet which tracks the various strategies & facilities.