Confessions of a soon-to-be fat girl

by saynotospandex

  1. I am going to start weekly runs now that the bro is back from campus. Getting too chubby for my own good! Dresses feel tight! Shoes feel tight too! (okay, I found that funny for no reason)
  2. I am dreaming of carbonara pasta, with fat streak bacon and mayonnaise. Hmmmm!
  3. I’ve been taking a cocktail of vitamins lately – apple cider vinegar, hair/skin supplements, collagen drink. I wonder if I’ll explode from it all.
  4. Kick Ass was funny; Nicholas Cage looks real bad though.
  5. I have not been reading any books lately – once again falling into a phase of not touching any books. I miss those days of reading ferociously.
  6. Why can’t I have a nice slim waist?!?