The weather is killing me

by saynotospandex

We were supposed to go for Andrea Bocelli’s at the Gardens but (I) decided not to since it poured heavily before that & the skies looked so dark! I didn’t think it would be fun slopping around on wet muddy grass with nowhere dry to lay our butts; we don’t own a picnic mat you see…

What a waste – because my friends who went had a great time, and I’d packed bacon sandwiches, salmon belly sushi & orange juice for the event. We ended up eating them at home – the salmon belly sushi was really yummy! I could eat them everyday for lunch!

In fact so yummy that we went to Ikoi after that for dinner! Had a great time whacking the chawanmushi (Boyfriend’s version wins hands down), salmon skin handroll, prawn tempura, tofu salad, california maki & salmom mayo sushi! Didn’t eat much sashimi because I really don’t fancy their sashimi very much; the Boyfriend agrees that the standard has dropped. The yellowtai & swordfish was “watery” — eeeew!

After dinner (and a very saddening conversation with the Boyfriend), I decided I wanted to smash pins to vent my frustration! We went bowling but I got thrashed (as expected)… SIGHS! I had a good start though because he took 1 game to warm up. I was already “warmed up” from yesterday’s company bowling event you see….We were placed either last or 2nd last throughout all 3 games – what a shame but I had loads of fun laughing at Jun being “Tyra Banks”.