Most delicious buns IN THE WORLD

by saynotospandex

This is what I declare to be the most delicious bun in the world!

Known commonly as “lai wong bo” or “lau sa bo” (loosely translated as egg-yellow buns or flowing filling buns), I tried these for the first time last year after hearing my boss gush about it.

My god, I swear I’ve never tasted something like this before. It arrives piping hot & once you take a small bite, the hot filling oozes out immediately like lava out of a volcano (pardon the cliched explanation but that was the closest I can come to describing it). The filling is made of custard grinded to a fine, flowy texture. One can taste the hint of salted egg yolks as well – but nothing too overwhelming! Just the delicate balance of sweet & salty.

After my out-of-this-world experience in Hong Kong, I was surprised to see this on the menu of Bosses. Nothing memorable, and in fact a very disappointing experience for someone who’s tasted the authentic buns. My colleagues loved it though – and I would too, if that was my first time.

I’ve eaten them again in Shenzhen but they couldn’t quite match up to the ones I had in Hong Kong. Please go try those if you have the time!

Lovely custard buns can be found at:

竹园海鲜酒家 (Chuk Yuen Seafood Chinese Restaurant)

Address: 尖沙咀漢 口道28號亞太中心地庫 (It’s opposite/near HMV if you’d like to ask around but you can hardly go wrong with the address & name in Chinese. English characters are hard for most Hongkongers!)

PS: You can buy the un-steamed version to bring back home! These can last a few months when kept in the freezer! (Trust me, I’ve done that & was beyond consolation when I reached the very last ration bun)