Don’t leave without your stomachs full

by saynotospandex

I am a big beef eater/lover. My heart does a little skip each time I think of big slabs of juicy steak. I was counting down for a week now to our visit to En Dining – a Japanese establishment which I love for its variety & also shabu-shabu. Recommended by my colleague last year, I have now been making frequent visits to this place whenever I feel like a change from the typical fanfare that most Japanese restaurants serve.

Shabu-shabu is a a variation of hot pot eaten by the Japanese. Typically served with thinly sliced beef/pork & vegetables, and accompanied by 2 standard dipping sauces (sesame & ponzu soya sauce), shabu-shabu is a one pot dish which can be enjoyed on a cold night. Unfortunately for us, it was really hot last night & even though we were seated indoors & had a additional fan, were still sweating buckets.

Highlight of shabu-shabu for me would be the tender slices of beef. Look at the exquisite marbling – for a second, I’d forgotten it was beef & was mesmerized by the rich colors & swirls. Don’t you think it’s really beautiful?

I used to cook my own simple variation of shabu-shabu with sliced pork belly (ahhhhh) & beef. It’s a really lazy sort of meal where we cook the meat in hot water & dip into instant sauces. But it’s still really good!

Another highlight which I was looking forward to were the wafu beef cubes. Have been dreaming of their version of tender cubes of beef cooked with sliced garlic. The garlic complemented the beef cubes excellently, and I couldn’t stop eating once I started.

Another item that I really enjoyed was the beef carpaccio. Thin slices of beef served with mustard-like sauce – I was sold the first time I sank my teeth in. The beef was very thin & tender, and the sauce was refreshing.

Apparently, there’s a interesting story on how beef carpaccio came about. A wealthy lady was advised by her doctor to consume only raw meat which was a socially unacceptable practice long time back. The waiter then advised her to use “carpaccio” as a code word when he saw a painting by Carpaccio hanging on the wall.

Prices were not cheap though @ $48++. Expect fresh sashimi & other classics like their fried rice & pork belly.

En Japanese Dining Bar

Address: 557 Bukit Timah Road, Crown Centre, #01-14/16, Singapore 269294