Out with the folks

by saynotospandex

A lazy day ended with all of the gang at En Dining. Rather peculiar but good to see the bros seated together with the sis… 🙂

We ate so much I felt like I couldn’t eat any more, but we still headed to Island Creamery. It’s like the stomach decided to create a new compartment just to take in the ice cream.


Pictures to follow. I don’t think I want to see any more shabu shabu beef or beef cubes now.

New chapter which starts (or end) potentially tomorrow. Keen to see how it turns out.

thr3e things

  1. Jokes & easy conversation around good food & closed ones – what more could I possibly ask for?
  2. Finally went for a run with Bro
  3. Realizing that cats do vomit too – Easy vomitted!