State of contentment

by saynotospandex

Realized that the older I get, I start to appreciate the idyllic lifestyle.

It’s amazing how one changes over the years. Used to head out almost every day after work, and Fridays were big nights — out all night with friends, the Boyfriend… You’d never find me home on a Friday night! Or the weekend! I detested time spent at home because back then, it felt like such a waste of my precious weekends. I’d rather be out any where, doing any thing – or nothing!

Nowadays, if I’m not putting in extra hours, I head home for dinner & relax by the telly/read a book. Friday nights are becoming a quiet affair for me – I don’t deliberately set up appointments and sometimes find myself turning down appointments. In fact I am happy to be home with a face mask on. On weekends, I don’t mind relaxing at home tidying up my folders, photos & watching telly. It’s as if the body is telling me to slow down, relax & just go with the flow – even if it doesn’t necessarily bring me any where.

Like to think that this is a coming-of-age thing – or at least, I’ve finally grasped the meaning of contentment.