Saigon, I miss you.

by saynotospandex

I’ll be going through my backlog of Vietnam travel photos next. Took a 2 week backpacking trip across Vietnam but never got around to posting it.

It was a life-changing trip – one of those places you think you would never fall in love with but somehow got charmed off your pants without even realizing it.

Ever since I’ve been back, all I dream of is to step on the soils of Vietnam again.

Anything to be walking on the narrow, broken pavements and roads, and a hair’s breath away from the million of motorbikes that zip through Vietnam. It’s so frustratingly chaotic but yet you sense that there is a sense of order underneath it all. People do know where they are going as if there is a unwritten rule that dictates, and if you stare long enough, you see that it is not all chaos but a wonderful myriad of people going about their own lives.