Drop a dress size in Singapore!

by saynotospandex

The weather has been averaging around 30 degrees (some might say more!) these days.

It’s incredibly, hot. I’ve lived here all my life, and boy, I’ve never felt this warm before. It’s the sort of warm where you sweat immediately behind the knees, under your arms, and beneath your thighs; seconds after you emerge from the shower.

It’s the sort where you exit from an airconditioned room, and this oven-like atmosphere blankets you and your body. Every where you go, you see people rushing into shopping malls, squirming when stepping onto the baked sidewalks.

Ahh, my lovely country!

It’s not that funny anymore when feeling sticky is a constant the whole day.

Good news is, I am spotting slimmer countrymen on the streets. Must be all the 24/7 saunas we do here. It’s probably more effective than the Atkins diet.

Come, try!