The day I nipped procrasination in the bud!

by saynotospandex

If you’ve been reading my entries, you’d know that I’ve talked about cooking risotto forever now.

Every time I walked past the kitchen, I can almost hear a voice coming from the box of unopened arborio rice “When are you going to cook me??!”

So one fine Saturday night when I had nothing to do and wasn’t feeling too hungry (I can never cook when I’m hungry; I get tensed and edgy and all passion for cooking, cutting and dicing gets replaced by raw motivation to get food quick), I decided to attempt my risotto dish a 2nd time.

The first time I’d cooked risotto, it didn’t turn out too well. I’d thrown in mini prawns and cod fish, and had used pre-cooked rice grains (the only kind I found in Cold Storage). It turned out so salty I felt my kidneys were working extra hard to process each mouthful that went down.

This time round, I was more mindful of the amount of stock that went in and it turned out right but nearing the end of the meal, my kidneys were unhappy again. I really need to put in more water rather than follow the instructions for 500 ml of stock!

It was a simple & unplanned for meal so I threw in whatever I could find in my fridge – bacon & tomatoes.

I didn’t follow any recipes to the tee although I had a copy of Jamie’s simple risotto pinned on my fridge door which I referred to from time to time. If you’re the sort that must follow some sort of steps or sequence to make yourself feel better (“that’s what the recipe said!”), then here’s a link for you.

But really, risotto is a lazy dish for when you have no time nor patience to whip up something grand but yet, tastes clean and delicious. I fried the bacon separately & dish it up, fried the onions/garlic, threw in some tomatoes to get them to soak up the flavours, and then in a another pot, stirred in chicken stock/water into the rice. Simple as that!

PS: Sorry for the dirty spoon (it irks me as much) – was rushing to shoot and eat because it was 9pm by the time I’d finished!