Vvvvvvvvvurgerr – quirky burger joint

by saynotospandex

Before being dragged to watch the world cup match between teams I cannot remember now, we went to Vurger for dinner.

We were disappointed last weekend when we went as the burgers were sold out when we’d arrived. This time round, I called to make sure there were enough burgers before we drove down. Call me kiasu (slang for being afraid to lose out), but I wasn’t going to drive all the way down to Whampoa and leave without burgers in our stomachs!

Chong & I ordered the fish vurger while Jianz had the salsa vurger. I liked mine a lot – imagine 2 chunky pieces of cream dory fillets sandwiched between a cheddar slice & special tasting garlic mayo. Definitely a high end fish burger!

To be honest, the first bite gave me the WOW! I needed to decide if this joint was worth travelling all the way there. The cream dory fillet was a far cry from the processed & frozen fish fillets I’d eaten at most places. I’ve always loved the fish burger from Mos Burger and even so, I didn’t quite like the fish fillet there.

Vurger’s fish fillet definitely stood out amongst all the fish burgers I’ve tried. It was crispy on the outside, and when you bite past the breaded layer, you discover juicy flakes of cream dory fish which is oh-so-good! However, I have to admit that the next few mouths were a little dry and they could probably do with a more generous squirt of the garlic mayo. But at a price of only $2.90, you really can’t get mad at these guys, can we?

I wished I’d remembered to take photos but I was too hungry (and obsessed with playing Charadium with the 2 of them) so here’s what I’ll leave you with.

PS: Did I mention that I really love their name? Vvvvvvvvvvvurger!