by saynotospandex

I went to Vurger again!

This is my 3rd time there – am hooked onto the cream dory patties I tell ya!

Once again, the cheese burgers were sold out but we had the good ol’ fish vurger.

As usual, I was too hungry and ate before I remembered to take a shot. Luckily, the BF’s order came after mine!

I’d asked for more garlic mayo and the burger wasn’t dry this time round. Mmm, I like the subtle taste of pepper in the fish fillet and I was secretly contemplating ordering another one once I’d finished.


Blk 74 Whampoa Drive, #01-310

Today marks the day I fell in love with Frolick. I’ve never been a huge fan of yogurt – I eat them from time to time but was never crazy about them. Frolick’s original yogurt reminds me instantly of the fantastic yogurt smoothie drink I had in Vietnam. It’s been 5 months since I came back to Vietnam and still, I miss that smoothie drink very much. I’ve found a close alternative drink at Al Azharr and Frolick’s yogurt is exactly how the smoothie would taste like, if it didn’t become a smoothie.

My stomach is pleased as a pea!