Did you hear…

by saynotospandex

That Camel is the new black.

I have personalities that switch every now + then; sometimes I’m not sure who I want to be, or who I really am.

Sometimes, I am all about enjoying the food + photography – that having the two of them together makes me delirious.There is something about finding a “perfect” food, having it and also having the memory in the form of a photograph.

Sometimes, I gaze at the sharp-shouldered blazers on Parisians and long for the luxurious fabric and cut in a jacket that I know I would be unable to find/afford.

Sometimes, I look at recipes and food photos, and think “Hey, I could do this!”

Sometimes, I look at beautiful people/brands/food/outfits and feel so very-inspired!

On other days, all I do is sit in my cubicle, longing for the next facial, scalp treatment and lust at the days that have yet to pass me by.