Melting personalities

by saynotospandex

So it’s been eons since I had a good weekend rest. For the past 2 months, I’ve been busy with my sideline project which saw me sleeping at 2-4am every night. Taxing I must say but worth it, I guess!

Finally took a break and went for my haircut before meeting Michelle for Haji Lane shopping. We were there to check out the new Soon Lee store. Did I tell you I have a weakness for stores with a good brand personality? Maybe it’s the marketing maniac in me but I really love how local brands are taking it one step up by creating unique & colorful brand identities. Think Frolick + Soon Lee + Strip. I love them all!

I really love their new store – everything from the quaint toy soldiers, the luxurious silk dresses, quirky jewellery, cute little bow rings and also random placement of Penguin classics all over as if it’s unintentional. I was this close to buying all of them back.

Very liberating & refreshing indeed because one, I have not shopped for a few months now; and two, I am quite tired of the numerous malls sprouting all over Singapore looking exactly like the one before, and stocking the exact same labels.

Labels stocked in Soon Lee were one of a kind – and classic in its own sense. I could imagine myself wearing these pieces forever and forever.

After Soon Lee (did you know it was named so after the chinese phrase to mean smooth-sailing?), we walked ourselves silly along Haji Lane. M was trying clothes in every single shop we stepped into – for this, I admire her enthusiasm. I am very lazy & it takes a very handsome piece of outfit for me to want to undress & put it on, prance around the mirror , and repeat undress.

But… I succumbed and bought a gorgeous soft cotton boyfriend shirt — only to discover it is retailing online for $14.00 less! Ahh, the powers of online shopping. I pay $14 more to convince and see firsthand the fabric and how it fits nicely on me. I will never get into the swing of buying things online, will I?

Ooh and the most amazing ice cream I’ve tried must be the red bean gula melaka from Pluck.