Desperate measures

by saynotospandex

During my recent facial treatment, my therapist (hoola hoops girl) commented that my skin elasticity needed improving & I could do with more exfoliation/moisturizing/masks treatment. My skin is really not so happy these days. Long gone are the days when I’d luxury of time to do exfoliation/deep cleansing nor any intensive moisturizing/mask sheets. Sleeping at 1-2am every night is a habit and my face is really looking tired!

Skin looked dull, clogged (was really counting down to my facial treatment) & patchy! In my sense of helplessness, I’d fixed another facial treatment for 2 weeks later & went home determined to try the masks samples they’d given me. Within 24 hours, I had done 2 masks & 1 round of exfoliation now.

In my desperation (and with a sheet mask on my face), I’d googled intensively for cures and found Hado Labo. A new product (in Singapore) from Japan, the hydrating lotion promises intensive moisture relief & the AHA + BHA facial wash seems to be good at removing little bumps.

Need to devise a way to get to the drugstores later.