Of food & people

by saynotospandex

So I was thinking back at the week I’ve just had & can’t help but feel how wonderfully great it has turned out, and how blessed I am sometimes to have warm-hearted & jovial people in my life that I can share laughs with.

And how these conversations always revolve around good food. Maybe the food wasn’t that good, but surely the people who were there with me made it better, and bearable (for instance, a 1-hour wait to be seated into a ramen joint).

Take the dinner with the folks on Thursday where we stood for more than an 1 hour just to get seated. Granted the ramen wasn’t worth the wait (oh but the pork belly was divine!), but we laughed our bellies off at Chong looking like Moses Chan. After that we stumbled upon one of the best dark chocolate soft serve cone I’ve had (& swear to go back again for burgers) – and again, that memory is accompanied by laughs as we tried to decide if big boobs with hairy nipples were better than tiny raisin ones.

& somehow, a event-less Friday night turned into one which consisted of hearty conversations with my b-bro. It is not every day that we meet up for dinner; just two of us. And I am glad we did it, and that the medium rare strip was fatty & juicy. And that the onion rings were one of the best I’ve had!

And a long-awaited date on Saturday where he brought me to a place which he’s heard about. We don’t go out on dates that much anymore since we’ve both been busy with our little project so it was good to just take some time off and have a slow, dim dinner. Food was pretty awesome and I liked the warm salad leaves & fig pudding best. The latter reminds me of Everything with Fries’ banana butterscotch pudding w/ vanilla ice cream which we had when we celebrated Potateo’s birthday & my s-bro’s birthday.

What will my next meal be? Spizza with the bros & him – I already know what I’m going to have!

Funny conversations & thin-crust parma ham pizzas 😉