That just melts my butter!

by saynotospandex

I have no idea what’s wrong with me but I am developing dangerous cravings.

Dangerous because I have  no access to these foods at all, and have no clue when I would be able to have them next but yet, every single minute when my mind is idle – I think of how they would taste in my mouth & groan at the fact that I am really desperate!

From last Friday Aston’s chargrilled chicken with onion rings to Monday’s Waffletown, to KFC and sesame oil chicken meesua yesterday, and now Spizza’s extremely-al dente pasta! 😦

I am so screwed. The chicken chop in Waffletown & juicily explosive KFC original chicken thigh, and the tender slab of chicken with sweet onion rings… they are all playing over & over again in my mind! And I can so imagine myself drinking down the entire bowl of sesame oil chicken soup.

God, please save me.

In other bad news, I have gained 2kg this year. You know why.

I shall go placate my overly-demanding stomach with Frolick -_*