The random one on toes, cable ski & everything in between

by saynotospandex

Cable skiing was fun – but not as fun as I’d imagined wakeboarding to be.

The funniest part was colleague XYZ (whose name I shall not disclose and cannot remember) got pulled off by the cable but her double skis remained where it was originally placed.

I’m just proud that I went despite the fact that I had to wake up early on a Sat morning, was alone, and having the tail end of my period.

Halfway through Internal League season, and my 2nd big toe nail has fallen off! Every time I play netball, I become toenail-less. How to do pedicure?!?

I’m looking forward to beach volleyball every Monday night. Mondays are no longer blue!

We went back to campus just now for some errands. I really liked the fact that we were doing nothing and could spend time with each other. It was nothing fancy, we ate by the roadsides (I have a thing for eating by the roadside) & just talked like how two ordinary people would. But you can really tell how things have changed since then. The place’s the same, the food’s the same (if not better) but the conversations are now different.

Most importantly, I’m glad I still enjoyed his company.

Sometimes, you really don’t need anything else but the little moments with someone you trust.