7 things I cannot live without

by saynotospandex

  1. I really, really need to be on the World Wide Web every night. I’m up on Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, & a 100 other unimportant sites.
  2. Yoga. The longest I’ve gone without yoga in my life is 3 weeks or when I go for holidays. Even then, I squeeze in stretches whenever I can, in hotels, or public toilet cubicles where no one can see.
  3. Conversations with my brothers. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a pet.
  4. Birks. They are so comfortable, I could wear them 24/7. I alternate between 2 pairs and recently have gotten bolder & started wearing them in my office. I used to think that buttery-soft Havaianas slippers were the best invention on earth – until they started jacking up prices in a insane fashion for something so utilitarian.
  5. Beach volleyball. It’s funny how 4 sessions later, I have now come to view it as a integral part of my life. Laugh all you want – I no longer have Monday blues ever since I started going down on Mondays for my 2-hour fix.
  6. Fuss-free underwear. Forget lacy, skimpy thongs! I need fuss-free underwear because I’m always running about to yoga classes, and pretentious underwear can really drive me nuts on a hot Singapore day.
  7. Cosmetics & skincare. I’ve been completely brainwashed by FMCG giants that tell me I have to cleanse, tone, and moisturize my skin every day. I really go through a multiple-step program at home every morning & night. It’s tedious sometimes, but looking fugly when you’re old is even more tedious!