Break the bank while you’re at it

by saynotospandex

There are things in life that I will splurge on without blinking my eyes.

1. Salon shampoos

Forget drugstore shampoos – I have never looked back since using salon shampoo; they clean better without leaving a yucky residue on my scalp.

2. Facial treatments

My annual spending on facial treatments alone is at a hefty 4-figure sum. I may not always have the time to do home masks, but I do make it a point to go for monthly treatments to deep-cleanse, and detox all the gunk that my face has.

3.Yoga classes

Annual spending on yoga classes also go up to 4 figures. I cannot live without yoga. Heck, I would do away with beautiful clothes or branded bags just so I can go for yoga. Yoga makes me feel so good inside & out – that’s more important! Who cares about your branded bag when the arms carrying it are flabby!

4. Skincare/makeup products

In line with item no. 3, I read up religiously on latest products and what’s good for my skin. I don’t believe in big brands because more often than not, your money goes towards the fancy glass bottle packaging and their billboard endorsements more than anything else.

My entire skincare stash used to be from brands like Estee Lauder, Dr Hauschka, Helena Rubinstein and YSL. I did an evaluation at the start of 2010 and realized they were not delivering their promises – my $100 eye creme felt just like the bottle of $50 eye gel that I’d bought from the drugstore except that it had fancier names, and packaging!

Having said that, I would not hesitate to pay for quality products and SKII is really, really good! I now use a good mix of drugstore brands such as Hada Labo, Methode Swiss and occasionally Dermalogica/SKII products to care for my skin. The same goes for my makeup products after I realized that MAC paled in comparison to drugstore brands like Z.A.

5. Comfortable, well-made shoes

I would pay $90 for a pair of leather heels and in fact, am considering paying $120 for a pair of calf leather/suede wedge heels! 😦

I am starting to see the value of well-made shoes; leather insoles just feel very, very much better! And I really hate shoes that make plasticky noises when you walk. I always think you can see how a woman takes care of herself from the type of shoes she wears. It’s the seemingly most unimportant aspect which most women neglect!

Other things I would not care for much would be clothes. My clothes always look awful after a few washes because I don’t handwash or dryclean them like I should – and really, what’s the point of spending $200 for a outfit which wouldn’t see you through? I seldom buy clothes as a result because I am too picky/fearful of tedious cleaning methods/only shop at selected boutiques (which happens to be only Zara at the moment). My wardrobe looks to be in quite  a bad shape at the moment – must start shopping online/at Zara soon!

I don’t care much for watches as well! I appreciate well-made watches (ooh my Franck Muller) but until I have that spending power, a cheap plastic Casio or an Ingersoll works fine!

Jewellery as well! I always lose my earrings and have stopped myself from buying diamond ones because I am definitely going to end up crying over them one day!