Things I ought to always remember

by saynotospandex

I’ve always prided myself for having a terrible memory.

It’s good too sometimes, because people you dislike or unhappy episodes swim past my life without too much grievances once it’s over. I will certainly muster all the hate my 4 brain cells can, and generate so much negativity that it becomes unbearable – but give me a few days, and I wouldn’t even remember what happened!

But the flip side is that I tend to forget too many memories that I’ve carved, even recent ones that happened few years ago. Man, it’s bad I tell you. And partly due to that (and also partly due to my callous nature), I tend to take things for granted and have a tendency to throw away relationships I really ought to cherish.

Such as:

  • The fact that the boyfriend has always been with me, through the glowing times and the not-so-happy times in my life
  • That he has always loved me for who I am, and never once stopped loving me no matter what we’ve gone through or how nasty I sometimes can be
  • That he hid a diamond ring in the coin compartment of my wallet one night to surprise me on one of our anniversaries while we were two broke students

I always lament the fact that there’s so much more we’ve been through that I cannot remember – but I know he does remember most of them, if not all, and that he will always be in my life to remind me when one day I forget.

🙂 Can’t believe it’s going to be 6 years since we’ve been together!