Movie date with my two BFs

by saynotospandex

I love French movies – have watched quite a handful sporadically at French Film Festival or other regular screenings – and nothing quite beats the French humor.

It’s the laugh-out-loud sort – the kind where you have to slap the shoulder of the guy beside you (aka the Boyfriend) when you’re watching because it’s so funny! No cliche jokes, or stupid slapstick.

Because the Boyfriend used to do French in school for a few semesters & also went on for immersion in France, and I took French for a while back in school – we both enjoy watching French movies together, especially romance and comedies!

Mimi Lo recently took a language course and was very interested as well in Heartbreaker so we went to watch it together one day, all 3 of us. Of course, she must be still grumbling about the fact that I made her rush for the movie – got distracted by a very attractive 20% + 20% sale at the atrium where ZA cosmetics were going off at cheap prices!

The movie was every bit entertaining – as expected. Apparently, this movie overtook Shutter Island when they were both released in France. The plot was nothing special – main lead breaks up couples for a living, but meets challenging rich heiress who’s due to marry a attractive and loving English man. He’s tried every thing but she just won’t bite.

It was super funny to see how his sister became the chaperon, chambermaid, receptionist, life guard at the hotel where the couple was staying and the sister’s husband was a pseudo-Polish aircon repair man who couldn’t fix the aircon. And when Romain Duris practised dancing with the brother-in-law – classic! I love the red Birkin bag the lead actress was carrying!

I had a good night out with both of them and am looking forward to my next French film (already planned) with Mimi!