Always listen to mama

by saynotospandex

I’ve been feeding myself with the most amazingly healthy stuff the past week.

Having just been discharged from the hospital after a minor surgery, I have been warned by my mom not to touch chicken/beef/seafood/fried stuff/eggs.

And if there was one thing my mom was good at, it was making sure I followed her instructions.

She cooked potatoes, carrots, corn and pork every day and by day 3, and my 9th meal, I was secretly impressed with the 101 variations she could cook with the same ingredients. Braised pork with potatoes, potato stew with pork, stir fry potato with pork, corn soup with potatoes & carrot, carrot and potato stew  – you name it, my mom can conjure it!

By day 4, I got so sick of potatoes, corns and carrots, I swore I’ll never eat them ever again. I loved potatoes but there’s only so much potatoes one can take.

It was horrible! I love my eggs, thick creamy pastas, fried chicken, burgers and steaks! And the worst part was during this period, Pizza Hut launched this new “7 Cheese pizza” and their TV commercials ran continuously the entire day. As if that wasn’t enough, the next day I opened my mailbox and received a mailer to remind me how beautiful the cheese pizza would be.

And now it’s day 7, and I feel bad for saying this but I sneaked out for 6 sinful cubes of fried tofu, and Chinese food.

I started feeling thirsty, and in fact, very thirsty and a general sense of weakness started to set in. Not sure if it was because of my past 7 days MSG-free diet, but at least I can now say that I’ve experienced the Chinese restaurant syndrome!

Not sure how true it is but read about it here. But like they say, if the syndrome was true, every one in Asia would have a headache by now!