I hate installment plans!

by saynotospandex

Just logged in to my internet banking website and my credit card bill is high again.

Okay not sky high because I know I have not been spending much (except for that new pair of sunnies which I absolutely love), and also a new bottle of salon shampoo.

And for my yoga lessons.

But there is that hair treatment installment payment which just wouldn’t go away! Feels like I’ve been paying for it forever.

The thing I hate most about installment schemes is you’d never know how much/how long you should undertake.

I remember there was once I didn’t feel quite ambitious about my repayment abilities and undertook the longest payment scheme so I could pay back in smaller denominations.

In the end, I’d finished my hair treatment sessions but not the installment! In fact, I was paying for the installment for more than 5 months after the last hair treatment session.

Feels really strange paying for something long gone/utilized! I was like “Can I just pay for it in full over 1 transaction already?!”

For my 2nd round of hair treatment package (which I’d sworn to my BF that it would be the last because I find them a waste of time these days), I had taken the most aggressive repayment scheme, having learnt my lesson above.

But alas, I’ve not had the time nor luxury to patronize my hairstylist these days, and yet the payments are being deducted every month for a service which I’ve not been using.

How can I ever time and balance the art of making installment payments?