Because my mom said so

by saynotospandex

So I hear there’s a nice chicken rice place in Tokyo – reading about chicken makes me crave for chicken.

I’ve been on a queer diet for the past 2 weeks. No chicken, no seafood, no beef diet! No eggs too!

The mom has dictate that I refrain eating the above in case my wounds itch/heal slower/doesn’t heal properly. It’s not based on any scientific truths but on the “because-my-mother-said-so” truth.

It was pretty tough but now it’s week 2 and I think I am coming to terms with it, because I have forgotten how beef, and chicken, and seafood taste like. God forbid that I read any articles that includes gastronomic and vivid details about the texture/succulence of the above! 😡

Oh, and I believe I have lost a lot of weight because I have been sustaining myself on vegetables/potatoes/pork on repeat mode for the past 2 weeks. I wonder if I can sustain this until I hit Japan where I will unleash myself and gorge on all delicacies. I actually have a column for food when planning for the Japan trip y’know.

The itinerary for Kyoto, Osaka & Kobe are finally done. Not “itinerary” itinerary, but more of a general list of things to do so that we know how many days we spend in each city. Then comes the accomodation-hunts, and then the exact itinerary & time/date sequence of each activity.

The BF is taking care of Tokyo, Nara, Hakone & I feel safe that he’ll be involved. I didn’t even know which side East & North (heck, that makes it West & South too!) was just now when reading Lonely Planet.