Ordinary moments that mean so much

by saynotospandex

We finished our work together, and went out to Cineleisure for a quick post-dinner stroll, in order to “immerse” ourselves with the young + hip since we couldn’t get any movie tickets. I think I was “immersing” while he was being “rejected”.

I really love how small quirky retail brands and F&B outlets keep popping out in Cineleisure. Saw this little hole selling fries with a “Best Fries Forever” signboard; I think they are going to fold down in 1 year since Yellow Fellas didn’t last too long either at Bugis Junction (to my agony). There was another shop called “Dessert Ministry” as well serving funny aloe vera/sago drinks and shaved ice – looks errr promising!?

Of course I paid tribute to my favourite Rockstar, and stared longingly at B3 (Burger Bench Bar) because I cannot eat beef, remember?

He tried squeezing into a tight fitting tee (after I’d dared him to) and ended up looking all funny. “I’d never ask you to try such tees anymore okay”

Once again, I’d persuaded him to try on boat shoes! I love boat shoes, especially suede ones! He kinda liked it though, except that his whole outfit couldn’t quite match the shoes. So either the old outfits must go, or the new shoes cannot come!

And then we went to get a huge jar of my favourite honey citron — I can drink this all day long because it’s really, really good hot or cold.

He’d wanted us to try playing LAN games together (Left 4 Dead) and I was so excited yet nervous because my psycho motor skills ain’t that good. The place was full by the time we’d finished watching someone kill zombies on his machine so we went home after that, bright and early on a Saturday night like two fogeys do.

Had a slow long drive on the way back listening to the radio, holding hands and just soaking in each other’s company.

I really love how such ordinary moments exist between us. When you’ve been together for close to 6 years, it’s never about the food, the place, or what you’re doing that matters. The only thing that counts is that we are with each other.