Holidays with him

by saynotospandex

Our most recent trip to HK was full of adventures.

It was one where the BF lost his navigational skills & took us on the wrong side of the train. Where he set the alarm for 7.30am only to have it ring only at 7.30pm (he blames my iPhone for not being on 24 hour mode). Where he shopped so much; much more than me definitely – you should have seen his loot of down jacket, another fleece jacket, sweaters, jeans & coat. Where we almost missed our flight & were the last to board because again, he missed the alarm he’d set for us to leave for the boarding gates.

Omg, I think he is becoming more & more like me.

It wasn’t a spectacular trip for me though. I didn’t shop much (unless socks & a nylon tote count) and I didn’t eat wonderful food.

It was one of those trips, like many others, where I begin to appreciate the fact that we were spending time together above anything else. It didn’t matter what we were doing, or where we’re going for dinner; as long as we were beside each other holding hands, engaging in mindless chatter. I’m always amazed by how much we talk even after 6 years of being together.