Lo & behold!

by saynotospandex

Ever since I was bogged down by little projects in my life, I find shopping a chore.

Queuing up to get into the fitting rooms is a waste of time, and I feel lazy when I think of the fact that I have to try 5-6 pieces before buying something which involves more queuing at the cashier. Prices are ridiculously marked up when compared to online shopping and the thought of having to save up for my upcoming trips & projects kills any desire of retail therapy instantly.

It is no wonder that my wardrobe has become scarily limited. It means that if I skip one laundry cycle, I would have no clothes to wear for work! The horror! And, I rotate between the same 5-7 sets of clothes between Monday to Friday. Dressing is a chore as well and I tend to grab one piece dresses which save me the trouble of mixing & matching separates.

On weekends, I wear that same one pair of shorts and rotate between the same old few tees. It can get really boring I must say because clothes is now a function, and are defined as items that I need to put on before I can leave the house because nudity is a crime.

Even though I may not be the most stylish dresser in the past, at least I used to put in effort to collect classy pieces which I know would last me a long time. Effort to put together an outfit from my clothes to the shoes. Now? I don’t even give a damn! As long as I have enough clean clothes to last me the next day, I’m happy!

Is it because I’m getting older & find dressing up a frivolous task now? Or that I am in a rock solid relationship & don’t feel the need to impress?

Anyway I felt really sorry for myself & my pathetic wardrobe that I went out and with the help of my very stylish friend JLo, acquired a very edgy pair of cuffed denims which surprisingly looks great even with tucked-in tops! And I now have 2 new pairs of gorgeous shoes in nude & snakeskin!

I love shopping with the stylish Lo sisters! 🙂