Exploring Asakusa on bicycles

by saynotospandex

We rented bicycles from our hostel today & cycled around!

Went from Ueno to Asakusa, which is famous for the Senso-ji, a Buddhist temple in Japan. Cycling in Japan is a fun and local way to explore – although I am not very good at it and keep wobbling precariously from side to side threatening to bump into roadside stalls, old folks, baby prams & oncoming traffic! 😦

We had our breakfast pitstop at Freshness burger (after parking & locking our bicycles of course :)) – heard about it and decided to try it since it was enroute to Asakusa. Ordered the cheeseburger with vegetable soup & it was pretty nice! Tastes healthier than MOS Burger it seems 🙂

Asakusa was a quaint town bustling with roadside food stalls! People were queuing for beef coquette (yummy), and various traditional sweets (yam ice cream & cake) & snacks. I joined in the queue often without knowing what I’m in for, but all of them turned out good!

It was my first trip to a Japanese temple & the Senso-ji was a really eyeopening experience! There were many activities going on – people were paying to pick a fortune lot at the omikuji, washing their hands with holy water, and also immersing themselves with smoke which is believed to bring good luck…

The boyfriend picked a lot before paying and it was a bad fortune lot – the message on the slip was really funny! The patient is hopeless, lost articles will never be found, marriage & romance will never fulfill – you get the picture. He refused to pay only until he picked a 2nd lot which as you must have guessed is a good fortune lot. Damn! I picked this medium fortune lot – things are okay except the patient is hopeless. This does not bode well, does it? You’re supposed to tie the bad lots onto this frame so that I guess, you don’t bring it back?

For strange reasons unknown to myself, I’ve always wanted to cycle when travelling. And I’m glad I finally got the chance to do it in Ueno! 🙂