Adventures of Rilakkuma in Japan

by saynotospandex


My name is Rilakkuma and I was born in a arcade in downtown Tokyo.

I was fished out on 30 November by JT & her boyfriend (with the help of 200 yen). There are many arcades in Tokyo, and even more Rilakkumas in each arcade so JT & I are happy to find each other in the sea of cheap plush toys. To find out why so many people are going crazy over a custard pudding-eating bear like me, please read here!

Part of the 7th anniversary (I debuted in 2003!) special, I wear a mushroom outfit and have no hands. It is difficult to get around and relax when there are no hands. But I guess hands would have made the mushroom look less convincing.

Since then, I have been enjoying the smell of freedom, custard puddings & onsens with JT & her boyfriend. Freedom never tasted so good, although I miss my other plush mates a lot, like Korilakkuma & the little chick that hangs around with us. Life goes on for a plush toy!

Besies, being trapped in that little spaceship capsule is no fun; the air is stale, and every day I look at schoolgirls who gaze longingly at me before putting their lunch money into this slot that gobbles them up. The claw goes as summoned and sometimes, I wish hard that I’m the one being picked instead of another mushroom bear who looks exactly like me. But it’s not easy to get picked. The claw is stupid & deaf (he never hears me shouting “here here!”) and also, our ball chains which I am connected to, sometimes gets caught with another chain or the squirrel tail of Korilakkuma.

Here is my first Shinto shrine visit, taken in front of a huge vermilion torii. If you have nothing better to do or simply enjoying being curious, you can read about torii here.


More adventures await me tomorrow – first, I need to collect the laundry from the communal dryer. It’s not all fun & no work even for a plush toy.