Play like how you used to do

by saynotospandex

I wished I have time to polish the photos and write about my recent escapade to Japan while memories run fresh; but the truth is time is a very scarce commodity these days for me. šŸ˜¦ I will be going off for another holiday (please don’t hate me) and am eagerly clearing my backlog.

Before I forget, these memories flashed past today & cracked me up:

Incident 1:

We went to a karaoke in Japan (yes, we had time to kill before our overnight bus ride Tokyo – Kyoto) and attempted to sing “All I ask of you” (Phantom of the Opera soundtrack) in a opera-like voice.

We were two goons, trying to pull each note in an extremely low voice (and sometimes extremely high) – behaving like complete idiots. Things you only do when there’s no one else around you, but honestly that’s how we are when noone’s looking!

Incident 2:

We were on our way to a sightseeing spot and upon exiting the train station, we passed by a maple tree when a strong gusty wind picked up. Amber-colored leaves started falling off that tree like someone shaking it real hard, and just like any kid would do, we started competing to see who could catch the most leaves with our hands.

He cheated (wrapped his arms around him to let the leaves land inside while I caught them with my palm) and won. It may sound pathetic, but I’ve never laughed like that for a long, long time. It’s the kind of happiness & laughter that you get only when you play (or get tickled real hard) like children, with recklessĀ  abandon! I think adults don’t do these things often and that’s really, really sad. If there’s one thing I could say to my kids, (and of course if I have kids), I will ask them to never stop playing.

I have some real amazing stories & shots from my 14-day adventure & will get around to writing about them soon.