Getting inked

by saynotospandex

I am feeling like my life is flashing past faster than I could live it. (Hur, that must be a really cliche thing to say!)

I’ve not unpacked my Japan luggage (yes, my jackets are still simmering inside along with my newly purchased luxuriously soft gray scarf  but my memories are slowly but surely being eroded each day.


I have not really quite unpacked my Phuket luggage as well; except to wash the dirty clothes. Dirty clothes are always removed first thing I reach home from the airport but I love procrastinating launderette trips. I always feel weird looking at the extensive menu in the launderette because menus are for cafes and restaurants.

I did a massage (almost) every single day of my latest vacation. Omg, I love, love Thai massages! We frequented a posh looking place (brought the gang to the type of place I go to but I think they were not especially impressed with the decor and/or masseurs) called MOOKS.

Not sure what I liked about MOOKS – must be their whimsical white/turquoise decor filled with chandeliers and woven chairs, and hands-can-kill masseur called “Jooooouan” who kept giving me this funny smile after she almost killed me. She was so huge and strong that many times, I felt suffocated and turned blue. I think my giant shoulder muscle knot went away by 40% after 2 consecutive sessions with her. I wished I could shrink her and bring her back with me.

We saw a real neat tatt studio which got everyone started thinking pseudo-seriously about getting inked. From lotuses, to owls, to tigers, to butterflies, to French phrases, to their Chinese names, and everything in between that you can possibly imagine.

My first pick would be an owl! This probably marks the phase where I’m hoping to be worldly about everything happening around me.

Okay off to bed! (must empty out my two ginormous luggages first :()