The hunt for the perfect calendar

by saynotospandex

For the past few days, all I had on my mind was one mission – to find a nice-looking calendar that had boxes big enough for me to scribble down work deadlines, birthdays & lunch appointments.

I’m not sure if this is one character trait that would make people want to kill me but it definitely irritated the hell out of the BF who happened to be with me on this mission.  Whenever I get terribly fixated over a specific thing, I will not rest until I get there especially where deadlines are involved. And the 2011 calendar was a very, very good example.

I started panicking in the last week of December and called up vendors asking if they’ve sent me their calendars. I was using DHL’s in 2010 (because it had nice roomy boxes) and asked the account manager to send me some after they had accidentally sent me some schedulers.

Along the way, UPS’ calendar came along (nice concept about them loving logistics but the puny boxes were no good) which I rejected and so did DHL’s. Everyone seems to be going green and reducing the size of their boxes!

I saw my colleagues using some cutey-pie Sanrio calendars which honestly to me was a waste of money and also too cute for me. But after 2 weeks of looking around, and the fact that 2011 was around the corner, I relented and decided that a Sanrio calendar would work for me, since it’s the size of the box that counts, right?

I looked around bookshops and Sanrio specialty stores but it was sold out. Everywhere. Why would any store replenish their 2011 calendar stock since it was already the last week of December?

I was terribly dejected and no amount of bubble tea could console me. As a kid, I had everything my way and really, I used to think that I could do anything as long as I set my mind to it. And the fact that I could not get a irritating little Sanrio calendar pissed me off as well.

Not willing to give up, I started searching online and found some international sites listing the exact item I wanted. Only problem was by the time it reached me, it would probably be the 1st – 2nd week of January and I wanted a new calendar on the 1st working day of January. I know, it sucks to be me sometimes.

Anyway, today (1 Jan) marked yet another attempt of me searching for the calendar. I made a trip to a Sanrio specialty store, went to a bookshop… All I got was a “no stock”, and offers of a Carebear / Ugly Doll / stock images calendar which either had small boxes, too big,  or couldn’t “stand”.

We had a alot of time to kill before our movie started and decided to head back to the bookstore to do a bit of browsing, when I suddenly saw right in front of me, a swivel rack full of calendars and amongst them, 5 Sanrio calendars! I was never so excited to see calendars! I walked across in quick steps and picked one up to open (I know I’m not supposed to do that but I didn’t want to be stuck with a calendar that had small boxes…)

Big boxes – checked. Cute Japanese prints – checked (I have to admit that along this process, I somehow got hooked by the cute prints that were on these Sanrio calendars).

My life is now complete with my calendar! I can march into 2011 with a peaceful & still heart!

In a way, I can’t help but realize that this is exactly a part of me that I cannot shake off. No matter what the BF says, or how I convince myself to try using the UPS calendar, I knew that I would never settle for second best. I just couldn’t. I’m not sure if this is a good trait to have – and probably it isn’t when it becomes a tunnel vision but on the other hand, I love knowing that I am not a quitter, even if it’s for the most unimportant thing like a desk calendar.