What?! You’re six?

by saynotospandex

When you have dated someone for as long as the Bf and I have (six years and counting), it’s easy to run out of things to do. There’s only so many malls to go to, and besides there’s nothing as unstimulating as mindless shopping weekend after weekend (with a guy who absolutely detests shopping). Sometimes, we are contented to just sit at home and laze around, watching repeats of “Armageddon” on Channel 5, French movies on OKTO. But other times, we are usually out and about doing things we enjoy as a couple.

We are not the most “typical” couple out there; both of us are a little outdoorsy but nothing extreme there. We enjoy photography, good food, books and films!

1. Go exploring!

The bf hates going to shopping malls and we are either at some walking trail / quaint little photography places/ walking around the alleys of Singapore with our camera and his enthusiast. We once walked from Central Mall back to his house, under the gruelling hot sun! But I secretly enjoy it, despite all the grumbling.

2. Eat!

We are always going to random food places just because. Last weekend, we went to a old school coffee shop near his grandparents’ which he used to go very often when he was younger with his little sis and cousin. We sat there on a hot weekend afternoon day, stirring cups of thick tea, biting into thick slices of toast with delicious slabs of butter and kaya in between. Sure, the air was stuffy and humid and the chairs were not cushy but it was probably the cheapest kind of happiness one can ever buy.

3. Hang out in a bookstore

If there’s a common interest that we both have, it’s got to be books. Although he reads the dry stuffy books (History of War Ships and Lee Kuan Yew memoirs – yawn) whereas I only go for the more lighthearted books. He’s been brought up by his aunt to enjoy the public library as well; a place I dislike very much (because the silence can be deafening sometimes). I don’t know if Borders will close down one day in Singapore but 2 of us will be very sad people when that happens.

4. Snap photos

There’s nothing we love doing better than competing with each other to see who can take the better “Nat Geo” photo. When we are travelling, I will start the challenge by snapping a perfectly-framed shot with my puny point-and-shoot (by the way, I take pride in my carefully thought-out photos) and ask him if he can take a better shot with his $x000 camera. Sometimes, the truth is his DSLR really helps especially if he has the right lens on, but sometimes I’d like to think that it’s not always about the equipment but the emotions that’s captured in a shot that makes it magical.

Of course, we do other normal couple things like going to the movies (we love French movies) but you definitely can’t find us walking around the shopping malls aimlessly on a weekend. Wonder how other six-year old couples spend their time!